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Who we are

At IC, for over 15 years we've been training the best engineering talent for our internal resource needs. In doing so, we've helped nurture some of the best career developers who have gone on to be leaders of global engineering talent organizations. We've seen them through technology changes and waves of new tools and platforms with unwavering attention to product quality, lean principles and teamwork while they acquire an enviable breadth of technical capabilities in the process. We've developed complete engineers without regard to short-term silos and narrow tracks that only serve employer's short-term resource needs. The International Computing Academy was conceived and opened in Negombo Sri Lanka with the goal of using our tried and true training methods to develop tomorrow's technology leaders while leveraging our SaaS product development practice to provide on the job experience that is essential in today's job market. With the help of in-class and remote teaching methods, we bring Silicon Valley technologies to the youth of Sri Lanka at an affordable price while launching their careers with excellent employment prospects, earning potential and crucial on the job training.

Our mission is to leverage our software development and talent development practices and expertise conceived and fine tuned for over a decade and a half to develop the complete, efficient, versatile web engineer with a bright future. We endeavor to develop web engineers with a broad set of employment prospects and bring them up as part of a community that is designed to foster both continuous training and self employment income potential giving them multiple avenues in their career path.

We aspire to elevate the level and availability of engineering talent in Sri Lanka by melding the power of our internal teaching methods and our commercial software development practices in a holistic framework. In the long term, we hope to scale out across the country and build a local pool of world-class talent and a supportive prosperous engineering community that learns, works and earns in the domestic and international computing industry.

Amazon Web Services - Consulting Partner
Apple Developer Program
International computing Developer Network

"You will enter a technology novice... curious but keenly focused on climbing that wall of knowledge. You will leave a Developer capable of absorbing new technologies and deploying new innovations in many contexts and business cases. You will always be looking to grow and looking to lead... That's the IC difference."

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Well-qualified candidates who fully complete this course will earn a free lifetime membership listing in the International Computing Developer Network (ICDN). This listing will allow you to be considered for projects as a freelance developer. ICDN is an aggregation point for customer projects that are then referred to ICDN members in good standing based on their skill level and IC's assessment of the project complexity, depth of requirements and customer's budget. When a suitable match is found between the customers needs and your skills, ICDN will provide a referral, which will go a long way in you being able to secure the project. In order to keep your membership in ICDN in good standing, you must update your qualifications each year on ICDN. Learn More.

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  • 276/2, Colombo Road, Negombo, Sri Lanka
  • +94 (31) 2227674

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