On the Job Training Course in Web Engineering

"On-the-job training course in Web Engineering" is offered by the International Computing Academy for those who are eager to join the Web Industry but lack real-world engineering experience and programming knowledge. The course design gives students the opportunity to learn web technologies, work on projects with modern technics and methods and will form a solid foundation for a career in Web Engineering.

The students will gain experience on real client projects in a real office environment, preparing them for lucrative job opportunities in current Web Engineering Industry. Students will be supervised by the experienced software engineers during the duration of the course.

The personal mentoring program will help students attain personal growth including, facing and overcoming challenges, improving inter-personal skills such as team spirit and conflict resolution while working in a real software development practice with local and off-shore clients.

At the instructor's discretion, students who demonstrate exceptional skill, work ethic and cultural fit may be recruited in to our International Computing development operations upon completion.


Course contains lectures and practical sessions on Web Engineering.


While learning, students can gain experience working on actual client projects in a practicing software development office environment under the supervision of experienced software engineers.


Well-qualified students may earn money working on client projects through ICDN (International Computing Developer Network) membership after completing this course.